Recap of Bangalore Accessibility Meetup – August, 2016

After a long time, Bangalore Accessibility Meetup got resumed and held on 27th August, 2016 at the office of Prakat Solutions. Thank you Team Prakat for hosting.

It was attended by nearly about 20 accessibility enthusiasts, who works at different companies like IBM, Wipro, Cognizant, Dell etc., Here is a quick summary.

This session was meant to know each other, share what’s happening in the accessibility field and a few ideas as to what we collectively can do. Event kicked off with round of introductions followed by welcome note from Anu Biswas, Founder of Prakat. It’s fantastic to see the passion in Team Prakat towards accessibility.

Then a quick presentation was made to share update in the area of digital accessibility by Srinivasu Chakravarthula, Lead Accessibility at Informatica. Click below to view slides. I wish, I could post the full text, unfortunately due to sad demise of my grand father on the same day evening, I am unable to write full text.

[slideshare id=65452277&doc=dd655ca3-7b03-4bcd-a2c9-8c1d379a1c96-160829050525]

That was an interactive discussion and lead to a tea break!

After the break, floor was open for discussion on what are the challenges that each one of us face or if we had a solution for a specific problem and what we can do in next few months to keep the momentum grow. It was agreed that in one of the sessions, we should invite a few product companies and showcase how their products are doing from accessibility prospective. More details to follow.

Again, thanks everyone for joining; let’s keep this momentum going.


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