Common mistakes of that a web developers make

Most developers feel making a website accessible require an additional effort, time consuming and needs to write a lot of additional code; which is actually not very true. But yes, there are certain additional things to be done, but they are most times enhancements. Having said that, most of the efforts that require to make a website accessible are the best practices of HTML. Here, I will endeavor to illustrate some of the common mistakes that a web developer commits.

  • Provide inappropriate page titles or provide a common title for all the pages across the website something like the name of the organization without the respective page title
  • Do not declare doctype External Website of the document
  • Do not define language of the document
  • Do not provide text alternative to non text elements such as images, CAPTCHA, audio etc.
  • Do not markup the headings in the documents
  • Use table attributes for the layout purpose
  • Do not mark up table summary, table headers
  • Do not mark up associated labels for form fields using “for” and “id” attributes
  • Do not provide site map to the website
  • Do not use accessibility techniques while using Java script, Flash etc.

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      …..An accessible website doesnt exclude anyone because they have a …..visual impairment or another disability or because they are older …..or because they have a slow internet connection of lack the latest …………..It means that everyone can understand it navigate around it …..contribute to it and use its interactive services. When a website reaches a …..certain level it can display a symbol from one of the organisations …..that set the standards……The Parkway Green website has many features that help make it as …..accessible as possible – Look out for the ….. external site symbol and the link on many of …..our pages……….. The site avoids unnecessary frills or techniques that need …..technical know-how to use.

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